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Daily Water & Gas Feedback

Buildings Alive can send automated water and gas analytics, to help in the management and identification of leaks, over-usage and efficiency opportunities.  All that is needed is data from a pulse meter.

In many parts of the world, approximately 1/3 of water used in most large complex buildings is for amenities, ~1/3 goes up in cooling towers and ~1/3 is lost through leaks. For most building owners, water management programs focus exclusively on detecting leaks.

Unfortunately, leak-focused strategies are not able to identify anomalies during busy times, such as when cooling towers are responding to high heat rejection demands or when buildings are fully occupied, and the amenities are busy. The consequence is that at least 2/3 of the usage and almost 100% of the efficiency opportunity is not being systematically quantified or addressed.

Likewise, gas usage is highly dependent on the interaction between heating and cooling systems. These interaction effects mean that wastage can be easily overlooked without sophisticated modelling techniques.

Total gas usage:

1 Sample Street used 46% more gas than its REF baseline and over the past 30 days it has exceeded its baseline by 24%.

Total water usage:

Yesterday 1 Sample Street used about 8% more water than expected. Nearby buildings used about 3% less water than expected. Over the past 30 days 1 Sample Street has used about 2% less water than expected.

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