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Capacity Charge Management

Forewarned is forearmed

Most building operators have no way of accurately anticipating and managing their buildings’ electricity demand and capacity charges. And yet in most locations, capacity charges can account for between 15-30% of a large building’s total annual electricity expenditure.

We have found that typically 6% of our clients’ annual electricity expenditure is to provide avoidable network capacity.

Buildings Alive helps clients avoid this expense by pinpointing and forewarning of when ‘peak demand’ is likely to occur and working ahead of time with operations personnel to develop strategies to deploy for when the forewarnings arrive.

At the core of our approach is a unique ‘self-learning’ energy model developed for every building. These models can accurately predict electricity demand for any 15-minute interval up to five days in advance.

If we predict that a building’s electricity demand will exceed its peak load threshold in the next five days, then a ‘peak demand warning’ email will be sent and the response plan will go into effect.

Then on the day immediately following the peak demand event we generate a summary message to quantify the savings.


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