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Our Services

We provide automated feedback and technical analysis to help optimise the energy and environmental performance of large, complex buildings.

Daily Feedback

Building operators receive a daily message via email conveying if performance was either as expected or better or worse than expected with a comparison report of other nearby buildings’ performance.

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Guidance & Support

Our engineers review the performance of every building every day and are in regular contact with operations teams to share expert technical insights.

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Dynamic Benchmarking

An extensive research portal enables dynamic evaluation of a building’s performance relative to others and exposes opportunities for improvement.

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Automated Submeter Analytics

Innovative approach to presenting submeter data that cuts through the complexity and ‘noise’ to highlight problems and opportunities that often go undetected.

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Capacity Charge Management

Automated forecasting and forewarning of peak electricity demand events to assist with minimising network capacity charges.

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Daily Electricity, Water & Gas Feedback

Automated model-derived water and gas analytics help clients identify hidden leaks, over-usage and efficiency opportunities.

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Target Setting, Analysis and M&V

Quantify a building’s improvement potential under any operating conditions, identify the factors that drive it, and track progress in achieving it.

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Equipment Optimisation & Metering

Fine-grained and real-time performance analysis utilising embedded data sources to support deeper analysis and fine-tuning.

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We take it as given that anyone who has a responsibility for the operation of a building would like to do the best possible job. But equally, we understand that building operators often do not have the necessary tools, information, technical know-how and time to achieve optimum performance.

Our services fit into the daily routine of building operations, so buildings can be fine-tuned to minimise running costs and environmental impacts and enhance the comfort and wellbeing of occupants in the most cost- and time-effective manner.

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