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We provide automated feedback and technical analysis to help optimise the energy and environment performance of large, complex buildings.

Our Story

Buildings Alive helps operators of large, complex and high-performance buildings answer the question: what’s next?

We are an employee-owned firm that specialises in helping building owners, operators and technicians enhance the performance of their buildings. The company was launched in November 2012 by our three founding directors: Craig Roussac, Jesse Steinfeld and Baden Hughes.


Buildings Alive started out as “Green Buildings Alive”, an initiative of the Investa Sustainability Institute designed to foster greater transparency and accountability for the operational performance of buildings. Green Buildings Alive launched in August 2010. The prototype for our Rapid Efficiency Feedback (REF) service, known as “Pulse” was first trialled at Investa in August 2011. Investa’s rights were transferred to Buildings Alive Pty Ltd in October 2012 and it retains no ownership or proprietary interest in the venture.


Buildings Alive is financially independent and has no affiliations or dependencies that could compromise our independence.


Nowadays we work with leading property owners, operators and technical specialists and provide services to over 250 large office buildings, shopping centres, academic buildings, laboratories and other complex buildings spanning over 5 million square metres (around 50 million sq ft) in Australia, Europe and the United States. We offer personalised face-to-face service built on a sophisticated and robust technology platform.


At Buildings Alive, we see our role as helping facilitate rapid savings, supporting the implementation of more incremental and complex improvements over time, and helping sustain performance over the longer-term. Outperformance can only be sustained through constant vigilance, and that is what our service is designed to provide.