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Building performance, simplified.

Buildings Alive implements a comprehensive resource efficiency program for large, complex buildings. We provide building owners with decision making clarity and the confidence that their assets are being optimized for electricity, gas, water, and indoor environment quality.

Empowering building operators

We provide the right information at the right time to help building operators do their jobs. Where software and analytic packages alone leave operators saying “now what?”, our program features unlimited support from our building engineers and custom analyses to answer real world questions.

Cutting edge modelling

Our proprietary machine learning models help set expectations for building energy and environment performance, even while weather and occupant demands change daily. Once building operators can experiment and see the impact of their decisions, we help them quickly reduce operating costs and maximize occupant comfort.

Measure and verify (M&V) everything

Whether at the building level, campus level or portfolio level, we can M&V almost anything. From fine tuning and tweaking, to portfolio-wide technology improvements, we help our clients confidently evaluate the financial impacts of their decisions.

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