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Building performance, simplified.

Buildings Alive implements a comprehensive resource efficiency program for large, complex buildings. We provide building owners with decision-making clarity and the confidence that their assets are being optimised for electricity, gas, water consumption, and indoor environment quality.

What is my building’s potential?

Fund managers and asset owners need to know how well optimised their buildings are before additional plant and equipment investments are considered.

What can be done to meet that potential?

Continuous improvement comes from daily, weekly and monthly reflection. Buildings Alive targets feedback at the appropriate level to each audience so they can understand how their asset is performing at a glance.

Are the actions I’m taking to improve my building effective?

All insights are built off our highly advanced data science and analytics, turning complex data into very clear information.

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What does COVID-19 mean for building energy performance ?

What does COVID-19 mean for building energy performance ?

With the significant changes being experienced by almost every sector of the economy due to COVID-19, we’re seeing a number of important impacts on building energy performance, but its not quite as straightforward as “less people working in offices = less...

Buildings Alive responding to COVID-19

Buildings Alive responding to COVID-19

While our expertise at Buildings Alive is in building energy performance, people are in fact at the heart of everything we do. It is people that both occupy and manage buildings and they have the largest effects on energy consumption. By supporting people –...