REF tracks the patterns of energy and resource use in buildings and provides timely feedback to their operators. Explore this page to see innovative energy management in action.

Explore how buildings that receive REF performed yesterday*

Active building operators continually fine-tune their buildings' systems in response to changing conditions. REF gives timely feedback so they can fine-tune more effectively and achieve optimum performance. These visualizations show near real-time results from buildings that are utilizing daily feedback.

Weather data provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.

* Please note: we use the word 'yesterday' to refer to the most recently past 'work day'. If yesterday was Sunday we'll show Friday, unless Friday was a Public Holiday, in which case we'll show Thursday. Data are shown with owner consent for buildings that have received REF for more than 6 months.

More about the REF service

REF gives meaningful feedback to the operators of large commercial and institutional buildings. This web-page is a window into a live system that shows how communication of clear, timely and actionable energy performance feedback can enable building operators to more effectively manage energy use. Each day a single commercial building can use the same amount of electricity as over 1,300 typical homes, so every kilowatt-hour counts. Sign-up to receive our news and take part in the discussions.